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Computer Presence Detector Project

by Dec 4, 2019How To, Microcontroller Programming0 comments

Walkthrough the steps and mistakes as I build a presence detector using the Kemet pyroelectric human detector.

Over the next few weeks, I will be building a project to enter into the Make Sense of Our Proximity Sensor contest.

The aim of the contest is to build something innovative that uses the KEMET Pyro Sensor to detect the presence of a human and cause something to happen. The senor is a little different to the traditional IR short-range detectors that are common in automation applications such as washroom taps as they will only respond to the wavelength of infrared energy given off by the human body. Because of this, they are not prone to false triggering from external heat sources and have a longer range and wider angle of detection. Additionally, they can detect through surfaces such as glass or plastics, allowing them to be concealed. 

What will my project be?

The plan is to build a desktop device that connects to your computer via a USB or possibly Bluetooth, which knows when you have left the computer and automatically locks it. After a few minutes, the monitors will be powered down, along with any other peripherals to conserve power.


Project Progress

Entrys Close in








Well, the time has come to unveil the completed project?

Well. it’s almost complete but complete enough to submit into the competition and hopefully win one of the prizes.

Check out the almost finished project over here…


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