Smart Bonsai Watering Solutions

Don't risk killing your bonsai's through miswatering.

Give them EXACTLY what they need, when they need it.

Even when you’re away on holiday.

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Nonsai Juniper watering

Give them EXACTLY what they need

Your bonsai are like children that have specific needs. Make sure they get the right amount of water and nutrients when they need it.

No Wastage – No Worries

Your Suggestions


This product is nearing the final stages of development and we want to make sure we have considered all situations.

We are looking for your input as to what features to add or remove before we move to the production stage so we can ensure the product is right the first time.


Multiple Trees

Control watering from 1-3 plants per controller. Each plant has individual sensing and control

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the current moisture level, watering cycle and override it on demand

Fail Safe

Dual water reservoirs and pumps ensure your trees don’t suffer due to a water shortage

Power Options

Battery backed and solar-powered options allow operation even where there is no electricity supply


Individual Tree Tracking

Every tree is watered to it’s own demand based on soil dryness and species


Secure Wifi Integration

Integrated to your home wifi to allow off site management.


Start with one tree and scale up as required. Every tree will get its own watering needs covered.

Holiday & Home Modes

Watering is a relaxation for many of us. Choose to only auto water on hot days and holidays if you prefer.